Review Policy

Review Request and Submission Guidelines

1.      Honest Reviews: these are free reviews, given honestly and without remorse.
2.      Preferred Formats: .epub or .pdf
3.      Reviews posted: Blog, Amazon, Goodreads, Chapters
4.      Genre(s):
·         READ: Anything Fiction, I'm serious.  Indie or Mainstream; it doesn't much matter to me.
·         DO NOT READ:  Any illegal or poetry.
5.      Length: There is no limit; I will read anything, short stories, novels or anything in-between.
6.      Unfinished or unpolished works: preferable not as I'm not an editor.
7.      Unfortunately, a review will not be guarantee.

If the above list hasn't scared you away, and still want to send a request, please email me at with "Review Request [name of work]" in the subject line.

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