Thursday, 17 July 2014

Entrance By Victor Darksaber

Entrance By Victor Darksaber
At the beginning of the end of the world, Benjamin Stewart on his way home survived a freak plane crash. Stranded on a strange and unfriendly desert with other survivors, he struggles to make his way back home.
I like to ignore the awkwardly worded summary the author provides us on Smashwords and the use of pen name "Darksaber". Okay, when I say ignore, it is more that I don't clue in until too late to adjust my expectations accordingly.

Okay, the straight-up low-down. The dialogue blows. Unrealistic and awkward. It is hard to describe the story; a mix of the movies "The Flight That Disappeared" and the new "Predators" movie. The ending seemed a little abrupt and overall the whole story could have used more fleshing out. Despite the flaws, I enjoyed the story.

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