About J.C. Sayer

Hello World!

My name is J.C. Sayer.  I'm a Canadian, living in the small province of Ontario.  I travel.  I take photos.  I read.  I write.  I have a wacky sense of humour.

I've written a novelette called An Unclouded Moon.  Featuring Phyllis, a vampire hunting women who gets trapped on a small island in eastern Canada.  Available from Smashwords published by Lemorn Literary Words.

I wrote a short story for Next Year, Things Will Be Different called The Garbage Man's Boy, also available from Smashwords.

Now that I have that out of the way, I enjoy reading books a lot more now that I have had some experience writing, editing, re-editing, deleting and re-writing and dealing with editors.

Why is my blog called Cumdach?  A cumdach is a book shrine.  Usually an elaborate ornamented box or case to protect a book.  Thus, it seemed fitting to name it that.

I'm a little random at times.  You have been warned.

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